Maharashtra pilgrimage

Maharashtra Pilgrimage 2017

On the move again as a pilgrim in one of my favourite places on earth – magnificent, majestic INDIA!

These trips with Guruji, Paramahamsa Vishwananda are always highly intense both physically and spiritually! The beauty of the ancient sites and places we visit cannot be explained fully in words. The heart knows but the words can’t do that knowledge any justice!

It is such a humbling sight to see how much Guruji reveres all of these sacred saints, sites and temples. It is this exact humility that we on the Bhakti path are trying to cultivate, for it is in simplicity and an attitude of love without selfish motive that I believe we can really know the ultimate Truth of the reason for our existence.

Beauty grows out of suffering. Out of murky water grows a strong and beautiful lotus flower making it a symbol of strength and resilience. I’ve enlarged this image and put it in my study as a gentle reminder 😎

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