East India Pilgrimage 2019

Following in the footsteps of Lord Narasinghadev and Sri Rama! Spent nine days visiting countless pilgrimage sites and famous temples together with other Bhakti Marga devotees! What an experience .. so many beautiful places and treasure moments. Wanna share a view of my personal highlights.

This is the Simhachalam temple, a very special form of Lord Narasimha. This deity is completely covered in chandan – because when Lord Narasimha appeared, He was so hot and angry. So in this special temple they cover Him in chandan to cool Him down!

On the way to Annavaram, we took a break by this enchanting river to refresh ourselves for a few minutes šŸŒŠ. Here is my Guruji, Paramahamsa Vishwananda!

Loooook here… chillies! Indian cuisine being my absolute favourite, it goes without saying that I love chillies. We stumbled across a chilli plantation on the way to Godavari river and had a great time roaming around it!

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